Freeride snowboards

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What is a freeride snowboard?

A freeride snowboard is a type of snowboard specifically designed for off-piste riding and exploring un-groomed terrains outside of designated trails. It is intended for snowboarders who enjoy adventurous descents in deep powder snow, steep slopes, and challenging terrain.

What are the characteristics of a freeride snowboard?

Characteristics of a freeride snowboard are designed to meet the needs of riding in off-piste conditions and exploring diverse terrains. Some features include: a directional shape, a relatively stiff flex, a camber profile, and a setback stance.

How long should a freeride snowboard be?

The length of a freeride snowboard depends on various factors, including your height, weight, riding style, and preferences. Generally, a freeride snowboard is ridden approximately 2 to 4 cm longer than an all-mountain snowboard.

When to choose a freeride snowboard?

You may choose a freeride snowboard if you are interested in riding outside of groomed slopes and exploring off-piste terrain. Freeride snowboards are designed to perform well in various terrain conditions, especially in deep powder snow, steep slopes, and rough surfaces.

What is the cost of a freeride snowboard?

The price of a freeride snowboard can vary depending on factors such as the brand, quality, technologies used, and any additional features. Generally, freeride snowboards can range in price from around €400 to €1000 or more. However, there are also cheaper or more expensive options available, depending on your budget and the specific features you are looking for.